Accountability Matchmaking

Finding an supportive business friend to help you stay on track and meet your goals can be hard.

Awkwardly reaching out to someone online can made us feel like we want the ground to swallow us up.

  • What if we’re rejected?
  • What if they check in a few times and then stop?
  • What do I even say to someone every week/month when checking in?
  • Is it even worth the time commitment?

Why The Accountability Partner Match Making Service?

Having a super supportive and committed friend to help me on my business journey was so important to my growth as a business owner and a person.

It helped put an end to self-sabotage and self-doubt.  Instead of going round in cycles, questioning everything I did – I had someone I could just ask.

But I had to kiss a few toads first, if you know what I mean.

People who were lovely but just not really committed or wanting to be an actual accountability partner. Business owners I’d have loved to partner with, but just felt too self-conscious to actually reach out to. People who loved the idea but then we weren’t really sure what to say to each other and ‘hi, how did your week go?’ Started to get a little stale.

Business growth and happiness are too important to let awkwardness, shyness and bad matches get in the way.

And that’s why I created Accountability Partner Matchmaking Service

Accoubtability Partner Matchmaking service

What does The Accountability Partner Match Making Service do?

Yes! We. . .

We accept applications from all kinds of business owners looking to find an accountability partner to help keep them on track. Thus overcoming the hurdle of whether or not someone really wants to be an accountability partner. If they’re on the list, they are interested!

We use our questionnaire to help find you a business partner match, based on your goals and aspirations.

And to get you going we provide a ‘first contact’ script to customize so you don’t have to sit there, awkwardly trying to think of what to write and how to introduce yourself.

We also provide a members area for accountability partners, where we have a list of suggested goal setting techniques, activities to do or set with your partner.

No, we don't. . .

Find you the man/woman of your dreams. Sorry.

We hope by introducing you to a fellow business owner, committed to pursuing their goals, that you will be able to build a productive relationship and support system for you and your business. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, your partner ends up having other commitments or things don’t just click right. No need to be embarrassed! We’re happy to find you a new partner.

What Do I Need to do to Join?

First, make sure you are committed to being an accountability partner. Having a partner is an amazing recourse for you, but don’t forget, you are going to be an amazing support for someone else to.

You can specify in your application how much time you have and what days are best for you, so we can match you up with someone similarly minded. It might be a check in once a month, it might be an hour a week – whatever works for you.

  • Fill in the questionnaire
  • Wait in anticipation to meet your new friend!


Accountability Partner Matching Service