Let's Give Them Something To Talk About

Conversation Is King

One of the number one frustrations I hear from small business owners is:

‘I just don’t know what to keep writing about!’

However, content is one of the best marketing tools for your business and once you get it right it can break down doors, gates and smash locks. (Content is basically Captain America in this scenario)

Is This For Me?

There are a number of reasons why people struggle with producing content and it’s often indicative of more general issues that need to be addressed and resolved. After we’ve tackled these issues, writing content will become more strategic, intuitive and a valuable part of your business processes.

Case Study One

Coach Jessica

1:1 Content Mentoring

Jessica is a long time speaking coach. She works with clients to help them overcome fears of speaking in public and instructs them on how to put together presentations that will wow their audience.

Symptoms: Jessica is finding it constantly difficult to build up the motivation to produce content (whether it be visual, video or typed). Her Word document remains blank and no matter what she does, she just can’t think of anything to write in her weekly emails or to post on the blog.

She’s wasting time she could be spending on actively looking for new clients, as well as time she should be spending on her current ones.

Diagnosis: Blogging Burn Out 

This might be happening for several reasons;

  • If this slump is unusual and not a long term problem, it could be caused by overworking and not taking enough breaks.

However, if the problem is more long-term, this is more serious and can be caused by;

  • Trying so hard to keep producing content all the time that you run out of steam (but without seeing any results – adding to the frustration)
  • Blindly trying to blog about everything and anything to attract customers and loosing focus.
  • Being unsure of what it is your readers/clients/customer’s really want to see and will encourage them to purchase from you

Cure: Rest, re-group and strategize.

Be strategic. Instead of blogging about everything you can think of, start to really research what is going to give the best value to your customers and grow your business. If you’re producing content all the time and seeing little result, try examining whether this is, in fact, the most effective use of your time.

Prescription: A dose of one on one coaching to help you get back on track, to create a blogging strategy that you can stick to, be consistent with and that your readers will love (and be converted by).

Case Study Two

Course Creator Joe

1:1 Content Mentoring

Joe is a blogger and course creator. He’s trying to promote his courses by blogging about his topic, trying to bring traffic to the site by promoting his posts and by giving away lots of valuable, free resources.

But, while everyone seems to like what he’s doing, traffic is not really increasing. Despite all his blogging no one is buying his course.

Symptoms: Joe is spending all his waking hours on churning out blog posts. He’s trying to keep quality over quantity but by writing such epic and useful posts – he has no time left for anything else.

He feels like he’s promoting his course but people just aren’t buying.

Diagnosis: Blogging Blindness 

Most of us started out as ‘bloggers’. Before the new ways of monetization came into popularity, the prescribed format was to blog until your fingers bled. It would bring in traffic and the more traffic you got – the more banner ads revenue you would receive.

Times have moved on – but a lot of us are stuck in this mindset that the best way to sell our products/services is to blog constantly.

This causes:

  • Too much time spent on blogging and not any where near enough time spent on promoting
  • So much focus on getting visitors to our blog posts, we forget to create effective customer journeys to convert readers into clients/customers
  • Blogging for the sake of blogging, without too much thought as to how each post will really serve and grow the business

Cure: Ask yourself whether producing all this content is the best and most efficient way of bringing traffic to your site.

Look carefully at the structure of your site and your client journey. Is there clear steps for them to take? Is it obvious from landing on a blog post where they should go next? What systems do you have in place to turn them into clients/customers.

Prescription: A dose of one on one coaching to help you create efficient and effective customer journeys on your site, setting it up for success.

A discussion on the best content for your readers and a thoughtful debate about how much blog content is really appropriate for your business.

Does This Sound Like You...?

You wake up in the morning and just don’t know where to start and you just feel paralyzed by having so many ideas

Equally, if you wake up in the morning and just spend all day looking at a blank page feeling uninspired and frustrated by your lack of progress, this is for you

You feel like you spend all the hours in the day blogging, or trying to come up with content but aren’t seeing any return on investment in terms of traffic or clients

You’ve tried following all the free blogging advice out there but just can’t find a strategy that gets the results everyone else seems to be getting

You just need someone to talk through all your ideas with and help you get on a clear and focused path.

You want to use content to really connect with your audience, get your name out there as an authority and let your ideal audience know you’re here to help them

How Can You Help Me?

Where Should We Start Together?
  • First, let’s get really clear about your goals and your purpose. What do you want from this business and how can we go about achieving this?
  • Let’s get you set on the right path so you can move forward by yourself with confidence and intention
  • We’ll do this through confidence exercises, looking at the key types of content your blog needs and what your ideal audience is looking for
  • We’ll create a set of topics that will speak directly to your audience, add value to their lives and help grow your business
  • We’ll create an easy to implement system to make sure that once we’ve got the visitors to your site, they’ll be coming back for more
  • Break down those hang-ups that have been holding you back – I’ve been there, had those fears, those self-doubt moments and come through the other side. Hot drinks and biscuits (kinda) mandatory for this part.
  • We’ll have a long brainstorm together about how we can create the best type of content for your ideal audience.

What's Included?

The Details

4 x 90-minute coaching sessions (held every two weeks)

Your very own student hangout on the website, password protected, where you can access; recordings of our sessions, my notes and your homework assignments.

Email support between sessions

Tasks, resources, and homework to complete between each session to start transforming your business

Your investment: £400 (or two payments of £250)

Apologies, we do not currently have any available coaching slots.