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  • How to Get to Know Your Audience Better (Without Surveys)

    Getting to know your audience really is the foundation of your business.

    Whilst finding a niche and creating a product to solve a particular problem are also important, neither of these things can be done in isolation. They are still heavily dependent on finding your audience.

    If you are struggling with finding your niche I recommend you swing by here and pick up our workbook.

    I’ve Found My Audience – I Just Don’t Know Them That Well (Yet)

    So, you’ve found your audience but things still aren’t clicking. You seem to be making progress in the right direction, but it’s pretty tough going.

    Not quite enough … Continue reading

  • How To Create a Marketing Strategy That Converts



    Goal setting
    Exploring different ways of communicating your message
     Social media platforms and their respective benefits
    Your brand story
    Using barriers to purchasing as the foundation to your plan
    Sales funnels
    Email sequences and much more



    Resources Mentioned

    How To Find Your Niche (+ workbook)
    How To Find Your Audience
    How To Validate Your Product Idea
    What Factors Effect SEO?
    Yoast SEO plugin
    Google Keywords Planner

  • How To Be a More Productive and Effective Boss (The Healthy Way)

    Being productive and effective in business are some big, heavy and weighty topics.

    We’re all looking to tighten our processes, banish procrastination and have our businesses running like a lean, mean machine. However, what is easy to forget, is, for many of us entrepreneurs, that we are the business. Or at least a huge part of it.

    And we are not machines. Lean, mean or otherwise.

    Whilst we might dearly love to be Terminators of the business world; being able to dominate our businesses, throw out Austrian accented one-liners and work 24 hours a day –  we just can’t.

    So, let’s look at a few … Continue reading

  • How To Promote a Challenge: How To Drive Traffic To Your Sign Up Page (pt3)

    In the last two post of this series, we’ve really laid the groundwork. We’ve creating a compelling challenge and we’ve created an easy path for your audience to follow, to ensure anyone who lands on your website is taken to your sign up page.

    Now comes the part that the majority of bloggers and small businesses struggle with. The traffic.

    This is often the aspect that most people jump straight to, however, the points we have covered in the previous two posts are just as important. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website if once they are there, … Continue reading

  • How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Lead Magnet

    Welcome to part two of our series ‘How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Challenge’.

    In part one we covered how to create a challenge so compelling that your target audience member would not be able to resist signing up. We identified their specific, urgent problem that our audience was having and we made sure that we were able to give them a solution to that problem. Hooray!

    Part One: How To Create a Compelling Challenge
    Part Two: How To Increase Conversions (and get people to sign up)
    Part Three: How To Promote Your Challenge + Increase Traffic


    Undoubtedly, creating … Continue reading

  • How To Creative a Challenge People Will Love: Part One

    This month in The Coffee Club, our monthly Masterclass for April was all about How To Create a Successful Five Day Challenge. However, whilst creating a purposeful and engaging Challenge is a lot of fun, the question on many people’s lips was this:

    “But what if no one signs up to my challenge?”

    A very important question. Too often creatives pour their heart and soul into creating some truly amazing content and then are devastated when only a few people come to share in the experience.

    We often identify two main problems, when it seems like no one is singing up for our … Continue reading

  • How to Deal With Paralyzing Uncertainty in Your Business

    I have been really wanting to write this blog post for a while now. Uncertainty is 100% something that I have struggled with and I imagine it’s something I will have to struggle with again.

    I wanted to write about this topic to reassure those of you that might be feeling the same way that you are not alone. However, I also wanted to make sure I could give you some really concrete steps to help you overcome it.

    This required a little more time for some self introspection, to really get to the bottom of overcoming uncertainty and, importantly, what was … Continue reading

  • A Beginner’s Guide To PR: How to Network + Build Your Media List

    I’m really excited to have a special guest on the blog today, Amanda Cowan of A.FAYE PR​, who is going to talk to us today about, you guessed it, PR.

    As a small business owner, PR is often something we associate with big companies, fancy champagne receptions and a huge advertising budget. However, whilst this might be true at the higher end of the scale, PR is something that small business can absolutely benefit from as well.

    So, with further ado I’ll let Faye take it away and show you all about how you can build your media list and network for your business!

    How … Continue reading

  • How To Get More Email Subscribers On Your Website

    How to Get More Email Subscribers?

    It’s the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips today. As list building becomes more popular, techniques are getting more and more complicated (and costly) involving sales funnels, premium plugin-ins and marketing software  and requiring of blood sacrifices (maybe it just feels that way). 

    And whilst these things certainly have there place, I often see that many people could increase their sign up rates by simply implementing the basic strategies, in a more effective way.  

    So let’s talk about some simple but extremely effective ways to get more email subscribers today.


    Give Your Email List a Purpose

    So, … Continue reading

  • Why Welcome Emails Are The Most Important Email You Will Send

    What Is a Welcome Email?

    A welcome email simply refers to an email that goes out immediately to your subscriber. This is the first email they receive when they sign up to your email list. If you are offering some form of opt-in or content upgrade then it will likely contain a link to the resource you are offering.

    It is so easy, however, to put off creating a welcome email. Whether the technical challenge of accomplishing this, or simply a lack of clarity as to what to write, it can easily get put on the ‘back burner’.

    In this case, the first email your subscriber … Continue reading