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  • Letter To a Girl Boss No.8 from Michela Cassar of No BS Advice

    Welcome to our series “Letters To A Girl Boss”. This series is all about bringing a little bit of inspiration and happiness to the every day boss. Sometimes we just need a friend to give us a little pep talk, to boost our confidence and let us tackle the day.

    If you’d like to join in and submit a letter of your own in order to inspire a fellow girl boss, you can find more about it here and you can submit your letter to:

    Letter No.1 from graphic designer Maru

    Letter No.2 from brand strategist Rachel 

    Letter No.3 from Divine Connector Steph Lagana

    Letter No.4 from The … Continue reading

  • Why the Word Passion Has Lost Its Meaning & What We Can Do About It

    To my wonderful readers.

    I was in quite a dramatic mood when I first wrote this post and it was initially called ‘Passion Is Dead, Long Live Passion.’ It’s something I feel strongly about.

    Lately I have been trapped by this feeling that a desperate, confused, sort of indifference, is creeping over the online business world.  That the passion that once drove businesses is turning into something else. Something a little bit more diluted.

    I lie awake at night thinking about it. You might even say, it’s something I feel passionately about.

    But when I write that and when you read that, when I … Continue reading

  • Should I Start My Own Business?

    I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, if you are prepared to put the hours in and if you commit through the good and bad times – you can succeed.

    Whether that be a marriage, a 9-5 job or your own business.

    So are you ready? Take the quiz and find out. No matter what stage you are at, you can find some useful resources at the end to help you reach the next level.


  • Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Business?

    With the huge choice of social media platforms out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business. Enter our social media quiz.

    By entering your audience details, your priorities when it comes to social media and your brand persona the quiz will tell you which social media platform is the best fit for your business.

    Give it a try and let us know what you get in the comments!


  • Why Starting a Side Hustle Is Good For New Business

    If you read our post on How To Overcome Fear and Start Your Business, you might be ready and eager to start your very own business journey. To finally pursue those dreams you’ve been drooling over in the office, Googling in you spare time and working on in your mind.

    But when it comes to leaving your 9-5, soul destroying as it is, we come to our first roadblock.

    What if the business fails? What will I do for money? Is this what I really want to do? What if I am no good at business?

    The list goes on.

    You might even be … Continue reading

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  • The Creative and Coffee Story So Far…

    The Story
    Hello! For those of you new to the Creative and Coffee story, welcome!

    As the blog had grown and evolved I’ve been so lucky to have so many new friends and followers join us over the months. For those of you who knew Creative and Coffee in the beginning, you’ve followed me on my journey as the blog grew and evolved into what it is today.

    However, for those of you who are new friends, I thought I would publish this little post up here for those who are interested in Creative and Coffee’s beginnings as a little hobby blog and … Continue reading