The Happy Goal Setting Challenge

Create goals for 2018 that will grow your business + improve your well being.

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Happy Goal Setting 2018


Oh no!

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We create businesses to achieve the life we want to live, yet no matter how we struggle, we often don’t seem to be any closer to that dream.

It’s time to start living that life today, rather than hoping for it in the future.

On The Agenda

  • Workshop Sessions on Effective Business Goal Setting
  • Training on How To Incorporate Happiness into your Business (and why you need to do it)
  • Daily Challenges and Prizes for Challenge Winners (with super prize for the overall tournament winner)
  • Action guides, downloadable planners and tools
  • Live Power Hour
  • Accountability Partner Matchmaking Service (for one on one support)

Let’s start the year off right with some goals that are meaningful and actually useful to our business.

We’ve talked in previous posts about how easy it is to set goals based on external pressure and values, so let’s create a space where we can have a conversation about what you want to do with your business.

The Challenge will be a series of live online events, challenges and information on how to set effective and happy goals.


  • Set strategic and worthwhile goals that will help grow your business this year
  • Identified and planned for common goal killing scenarios
  • Incorporated self-care and happiness into your business mindset and
  • Made friends with a supportive group of business owners to help you through the rest of the year
  • Entered into the tournament to win some very shiny prizes!