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Website Design

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Website design for brands who want to elevate their client experience to match the care and thoughtfulness they pour into products.

Your website is your best salesperson, open 24/7, showcasing your products and inviting customers to dive into your world.

It takes hard work and dedication to create beautiful products, let’s not lose customers because of easily fixable tech issues and bad experiences.

Let’s transform your brand.


I like to think of websites as the centre of each business, with each brand ‘spoke’ (social media, advertising, PR etc) leading back to the central hub of activity.

Think of your website as your flagship shop.

Your website is there to greet your visitors, give them a feel of your brand, capture their details and convert their excitement into sales. More than just a nice-looking shop front, it is a strategic part of a well thought out customer journey.

Do you have a process in place?

Do you feel like your current process of customer acquisition is disjointed and undocumented? Do you feel that your website reflects the craftsmanship of your products?

Or maybe you’ve got it all figured out and just need a website ‘spring clean!’

I would love to work with you to create a clear, measurable customer journey and a website that complements your brand.

Let me tell you more about what we can achieve together.



Honor and Me Website


Honor and Me

Website re-design and ecommerce solution

Honor & Me is a wellness brand run by the completely fabulous Anna Barry. Anna is a holistic nutritional coach and DoTERRA global leader and she helps women by integrating simple health principles, as well as using essential oils to implement mindset and spirituality practices to enable them to feel more energised and have a self purpose every day.

Anna needed a brand refresh and a website spring clean for her established Wix website. We implemented a new colour scheme and made sure all of the information about herself and her courses were laid out in an easy to read way.

I also added an eCommerce function and integrated an email marketing system to allow Anna to better offer her lead magnets and online courses.

You can read more about our work together here.


Robert Wells

Custom WordPress website design and development

Robert came to me needing a brand new website to house his impressive resume. We worked together on creating a colour palette that reflects his personality and creates a stand-out first impression to potential employers.

Displaying Robert’s unique personality and philosophy was the primary task of this website. We wanted to avoid using templates and instead went for a completely custom coded WordPress site.

You can read more about this project here.

Robert Wells Website

“I was fortunate enough to work with Sarah recently and what a delight it was! She completely understood what I wanted, identifying my vision, my niche and the layout I was hoping to achieve. She created a visually working website that I just adore. I think what I loved the most was she took the time to understand me, my work and how I want my online look to feel. I’m delighted with the end result and could not recommend her services enough…”
—Anna Barry, Honor & Me

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