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For Those Who Wish To Delight Their Customers

There are a handful of purchasing experiences that have become precious memories for me. The day we brought my engagement ring, afternoon tea at Claridges in London, my first tailored suit.

As business owners, we want to design an experience that is more than a transaction. You want customers to get excited as soon as the package arrives, to take delight in unwrapping your product and for it to become a treasured possession.

I help business owners bring that excitement into the digital experience, to create a client journey that delights your audience.


I started Creative and Coffee in 2015,
to help female entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.

But I quickly began to see a huge issue – is this something you can relate to?

My clients had consumed hours of content, courses, podcasts and blog posts.
They knew they wanted to create an amazing experience for their clients. They had a clear view in their mind of the sophisticated brand they wanted to create.

The problem was the implementation.

Their websites didn’t reflect the elevated feel of their brand, the purchasing process wasn’t seamless or professional and the systems they were using didn’t work together.

And this was holding them back! They were losing customers to poor experience and they were too embarrassed to really promote their website.

A craftsman needs the proper tools – and I started offering design services to help business owners translate the vision in their head into reality.

Let’s get started on transforming your business.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
—Harry Winston



Designing a website and developing a website are two very different skillsets.

Left and right brain.

I started as only a designer but (due to some perfectionist issues that we won’t get into here) I was continually frustrated by designs not being translated into the actual product the way that I wanted. Either because I was forced to used drag and drop style tools that limited what I could do (and also affected website speed) or because while my designs were ‘pretty’ they weren’t functional.

So – now I do both. Which gives me freedom and function. Get yourself a girl that can do both 😉


I am a total email marketing nerd. I’ve even been to conferences and given long talks on the topic!

When I first start to work with clients, I ask them – what’s the one action you want someone to take on this page? (Beautiful design is a must – but creating a website that converts is where the money is!)

Quite often we ask the customer to join an email list by entering their email in exchange for a lead magnet (a free eBook or video masterclass for example). But what if you don’t have email marketing set up? Or any automation in place?

Let’s get that task out the way and watch your audience grow.


You may notice that I talk about a lot more than ‘just’ website design on this website. The blog is filled with marketing advice, masterclasses and eBooks to help you grow your business.

That’s because I started out as a business coach and I still offer marketing services on retainer. I’d love to work with you on your marketing strategy and if we build a website together, it will come with oodles of marketing advice, as that’s the lens that I view my work through.


When we think of business design, we tend to think of websites, brandings, logos, business cards etc. The big things. However, do you find that you are needing a lot of design work in your day to day as well? Social media posts, workbooks, webinar announcements, email templates?

Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of things can be whipped up in Canva but if you are creating a multiple page workbook, eBook or magazine – it quickly becomes a time suck.

I, however, spend more time with Adobe Suite than my own family and would love to take some of those design tasks off your hands. Why don’t you drop me over the details of what you need?

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Hi, I’m Sarah

I build websites more stylish, secure and stable than my ex

Thank you for reading this far! If you came to this About Page to learn more about Sarah ‘the person’ rather than everything I can do for your business – then you’ve come to the right section.

Because, I am, indeed, a real person.

That’s me over there. That picture was taken for a newspaper when I was working in Japan.

I lived in Japan for two years and was planning to travel further around Asia but then there was this whole ‘global pandemic’ thing (you might have heard of it) so my travel plans are on hold …. for now!

While I was there I started collecting a 1970s Givenchy tea set which was made by a Japanese company and is now impossible to find. So, one of my weird hobbies is hunting for all the matching plates and teapot. (If you spot one – please let me know, you can find the pictures on Instagram. Seriously, I really need that teapot).

While I love my morning coffee rituals, I am a bit of a tea obsessive (Creative and Tea didn’t sound so good, sadly). VAHDAM Vanilla Chai is my current favourite.

OK, this About section has been a bit of a journey! So I will leave you with a brief account of my business journey so far:

Law School > Sales > Law Firm > Diamond Specialist Sales > Ghost Writer > Book Cover Designer > Business Coach > Website Design & Developer

If you have any questions, have a lead on Givenchy teapots or just want to say hi please do drop me an email or DM me – we’re already friends on Insta, right? Right?!

Yours Sincerely,