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£150 for a one hour session

I offer a 20% discount for blocks of three sessions


If you are fed up with Googling, sitting down to watch hours of video courses or simply just don’t know where to start – this is for you.

If you are fed up with Googling, sitting down to watch hours of video courses or simply just don’t know where to start – this is for you.

Sometimes you just need a fellow business owner, who understands where you are coming from, to be a second pair of eyes on your website. I can help you structure your marketing strategy and give you branding advice that actually applies to your unique business.

Enter a relaxed, focused hour of getting things done

Let’s Get Clear

Too many ideas? Don’t know what to start first or which actually suits your audience? Sometimes you just need an outside perspective (who hasn’t been obsessing over it for weeks (months?) to just cut through the noise and bring some clarity to your ideas.

Where do I even start?

Or maybe the opposite problem – no clue where to start? Maybe you know you need a brand strategy or want to create a marketing plan but have no idea how to begin. Let’s stop the procrastination and get you set up and ready to go.

I know what I want

Know exactly what you want but not sure how to implement it? No problem! Let’s talk about what systems you need to put in place and how you can set them up.


branding lettering

Brand Strategy

Branding starts with analyzing the answer to a few simple questions:
What problem do you solve? Who do you solve it for? And how do you solve it differently from anybody else?

Let’s clarify the answer to those questions and then position your brand through messaging and creating a storytelling framework that will engage your audience and create dedicated brand ambassadors.

This session is designed to help you clarify your answers to the above questions, which will create the fundamental foundations for your brand to build on.

If you feel you are confident on those, we can then focus on creating brand messaging that aligns with your business values and story. This will help you create consistent and compelling messaging (website copy, blog posts, social media etc.)

This Is For You If:

You are not sure who your audience is or (if you know your audience) to help you form ideas on what to write in order to engage your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Let’s talk about your customer value journey.

Together we will plan out your sales funnel from awareness through to the call to action and conversion stage.

This session is designed to give you an overview of the whole customer journey and the steps you should include. At each step, we can brainstorm some ideas of what you specifically can include at each step that will delight your audience and work best for your business.

This Is For You If:

This is for you if you have no consistent marketing plan or have not laid out a step by step strategy for acquiring customers. If you have specific questions about a particular conversion point (for example, if you want to implement a lead magnet but aren’t sure what your audience would resonate with) we can also dedicate the session to that particular issue.

Website Strategy

If you are frustrated that your website is not producing the results that you want, a second pair of (expert) eyes is just what you need.

I know how easy it can be to get caught in a cycle of continuous ‘tinkering’. This often sucks up a lot of hours and produces small results. Let me help you identify the issues on your current site and guide you through how to make the changes you need in order to improve your user experience.

Some things we might cover are: Improving the structure and design of sales/landing pages, introducing a better-placed call to action, improving menus and footers, creating homepages that make an impact and optimizing your sales funnel points.

This Is For You If:

Your website doesn’t look quite the way you want it but you aren’t sure how to improve and/or you are getting traffic to your website but only a small number of email sign-ups or sales.

Website Design Elements


Got a specific question not covered above?

I hope the above packages give you an idea of my areas of expertise, but if you have a specific problem or project you want to work on that doesn’t really fit the above – that’s no problem! Just book yourself in for a Guided By You Session.

Tell me in more detail about your specific project ahead of our session and then let’s get to work.

Still Have Questions?

Drop me an email with your marketing and website concerns and let’s chat about the best way we can work together.