How To Super Power Your MailChimp and Grow Your Business: Part One

MailChimp gets a lot of flack, nowadays, in the small business and blogging circles.  When I first started blogging, MailChimp was the absolute go to for email marketing. Every source out there, or so it seemed, was recommending it.  Every so often a different alternative might be offered, but MailChimp was pretty universal.  And then […]

A Beginner’s Guide To PR: How to Network + Build Your Media List

I’m really excited to have a special guest on the blog today, Amanda Cowan of A.FAYE PR​, who is going to talk to us today about, you guessed it, PR. As a small business owner, PR is often something we associate with big companies, fancy champagne receptions and a huge advertising budget. However, whilst this might […]

Pro Website Design Tips From Kathie Founder Of Bluchic

I’m excited today to welcome to the blog Kathie, founder of Bluchic. If you’ve been over  to Bluchic’s website you know they they design beautiful, feminine WordPress themes designed for business. So, if you are looking for someone to learn from in terms of design, I can think of few better people that Kathie. So, without […]