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If contact forms aren’t your thing you can send me an email direct on the address below.

If you have a query regarding The Clubhouse or any of our courses, please contact our community manager Jacqui who would be happy to help you with any issues or questions.

Herefordshire, UK (Founder) (Community Manager)

Ask a question, give me a coffee suggestion or tell me a bit about yourself. This is the place to do it.

If you would like to request an interview, send an invitation to join you on a webinar/podcast or are looking to collaborate – please don’t be shy. I love meeting all business owners big and small, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’m always open to speaking engagements online and in person, but please be aware that I’m based in the UK so events outside the country may require more notice and planning.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Please note that we are not currently accepting unsolicited guest posts.

Due to the number of emails we receive every day, we are unable to always give business advice or answer all the technical questions you may have. However, we do offer private coaching sessions and if you feel this may be what your business needs right now, please do visit our 1:1 mentoring page to read more.