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  • How To Super Power Your MailChimp and Grow Your Business: Part One

    MailChimp gets a lot of flack, nowadays, in the small business and blogging circles. 

    When I first started blogging, MailChimp was the absolute go to for email marketing. Every source out there, or so it seemed, was recommending it. 

    Every so often a different alternative might be offered, but MailChimp was pretty universal. 

    And then came along Convertkit. 

    In our little corner of the internet, at least, everybody suddenly started to immediately switch over. Something that may have been influenced by the fact that Convertkit has a generous affiliate scheme whilst MailChimp has ‘Rewards’, which isn’t quite as compelling. 

    That’s not to say that Convertkit… Continue reading

  • Why Having An Accountability Partner Will Help Your Business

    We hear many things about what makes a successful business. From Pinterest strategies and list building, to sales funnels and webinar planning.

    However, if you look to the successful and thriving business owners online, you might notice some other things in common.

    Personal coaches for life and business, mastermind groups, week long retreats. These are all things that many business owners have attributed a portion of their success to.

    It might seem odd, for those of us just starting out, that our business coach has their own business coach. But once you get past the basics of business, it becomes much less about… Continue reading

  • Why Business Owners Need to Set Non-Business Goals 

    As the end of the year roles around, many of our business brethren start to look back on the year, analyse their data and set goals for the year ahead. But is this really necessary?

    Sometimes goal setting can feel like one of those tasks that you should do. Something that makes you feel busy and productive but at the end of the day doesn’t seem to, ironically, help you make any progress.

    The Business Owners’ Dilemma 

    If you are a business then I really recommend checking out our post on how goal setting can be helpful to you (and how to set… Continue reading

  • How To Set Goals That Actually Work For Your Business and You in 2018 

    We’re ready to say goodbye to 2017 and setting out to make 2018 our year.

    We want to improve, we want success, we want to be happy.

    We just need to work out how.

    An excellent start is to write down your goals. Not just writing them down, by writing down what they are, why they are important and how you are going to measure that goals.

    However, this is where the double edged sword comes into play.

    You have a goal, you want to achieve but maybe you are not sure about the best way of achieving it. You might have a pretty good… Continue reading

  • How To Be Productive When You Are Super Tired

    One of the most frustrating things as a business owner is knowing how much stuff you need to do. When  you need to do it or it won’t get done and yet. . .

    I’m just so tired.

    A few minutes work turns into hours of gazing at the screen, checking email, checking social media and generally procrastinating. By the end of the day, not only are you left feeling like you are a disappointing failure who has achieved nothing at all today but you are even more tired.

    Ack. It’s a vicious cycle.

    But, in the short term, how do we claw back that… Continue reading

  • How to Get to Know Your Audience Better (Without Surveys)

    Getting to know your audience really is the foundation of your business.

    Whilst finding a niche and creating a product to solve a particular problem are also important, neither of these things can be done in isolation. They are still heavily dependent on finding your audience.

    I’ve Found My Audience – I Just Don’t Know Them That Well (Yet)

    So, you’ve found your audience but things still aren’t clicking. You seem to be making progress in the right direction, but it’s pretty tough going.

    Not quite enough sales. Not quite enough engagement. Not quite enough email subscribers.

    Whilst getting more sales, social media engagement and email… Continue reading

  • How To Create a Marketing Strategy That Converts



    Goal setting
    Exploring different ways of communicating your message
     Social media platforms and their respective benefits
    Your brand story
    Using barriers to purchasing as the foundation to your plan
    Sales funnels
    Email sequences and much more



    Resources Mentioned

    How To Find Your Niche (+ workbook)
    How To Find Your Audience
    How To Validate Your Product Idea
    What Factors Effect SEO?
    Yoast SEO plugin
    Google Keywords Planner

  • How To Be a More Productive and Effective Boss (The Healthy Way)

    Being productive and effective in business are some big, heavy and weighty topics.

    We’re all looking to tighten our processes, banish procrastination and have our businesses running like a lean, mean machine. However, what is easy to forget, is, for many of us entrepreneurs, that we are the business. Or at least a huge part of it.

    And we are not machines. Lean, mean or otherwise.

    Whilst we might dearly love to be Terminators of the business world; being able to dominate our businesses, throw out Austrian accented one-liners and work 24 hours a day –  we just can’t.

    So, let’s look at a few… Continue reading

  • How To Promote a Challenge: How To Drive Traffic To Your Sign Up Page (pt3)

    In the last two post of this series, we’ve really laid the groundwork. We’ve creating a compelling challenge and we’ve created an easy path for your audience to follow, to ensure anyone who lands on your website is taken to your sign up page.

    Now comes the part that the majority of bloggers and small businesses struggle with. The traffic.

    This is often the aspect that most people jump straight to, however, the points we have covered in the previous two posts are just as important. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website if once they are there,… Continue reading

  • How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Lead Magnet

    Welcome to part two of our series ‘How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Challenge’.

    In part one we covered how to create a challenge so compelling that your target audience member would not be able to resist signing up. We identified their specific, urgent problem that our audience was having and we made sure that we were able to give them a solution to that problem. Hooray!

    Part One: How To Create a Compelling Challenge
    Part Two: How To Increase Conversions (and get people to sign up)
    Part Three: How To Promote Your Challenge + Increase Traffic


    Undoubtedly, creating… Continue reading