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How To Create a Marketing Plan That Converts Like Crazy The Podcast

How To Create a Marketing Strategy That Converts

  TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS CLASS: Goal setting Exploring different ways of communicating your message  Social media platforms and their respective benefits Your brand story Using barriers to purchasing as the foundation to your plan Sales funnels Email sequences and much more     Resources Mentioned How To Find Your Niche (+ workbook) How To […]

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Why Welcome Emails Are The Most Important Email You Will Send

Why Welcome Emails Are The Most Important Email You Will Send

    What Is a Welcome Email?   A welcome email simply refers to an email that goes out immediately to your subscriber. This is the first email they receive when they sign up to your email list. If you are offering some form of opt-in or content upgrade then it will likely contain a link […]

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What Is Branding

What Is Branding and Why Is It So Important?

Last week we announced that we would be creating a series of blog posts on how to create a solid foundation for your blog. The idea behind this was to give new bloggers a strategic path to follow to consistently and professionally grow their blogs over time, rather than just implementing day to day strategies […]

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