Letter To a Girl Boss No.3 by Steph Lagana

Welcome to our series “Letters To A Girl Boss”. This series is all about bringing a little bit of inspiration and happiness to the every day boss. Sometimes we just need a friend to give us a little pep talk, to boost our confidence and let us tackle the day.

If you’d like to join in and submit a letter of your own in order to inspire a fellow girl boss, you can find more about it here and you can submit your letter to: sarahs@creativeandcoffee.com

Letter No.1 from graphic designer Maru

Letter No.2 from brand strategist Rachel 

Dear Girl Boss,


There are some things I wish I had known. Or things that I knew and then forgot. Here’s a reminder or twenty on the essentials. You’re welcome!


What you seek is seeking you. It all makes sense looking backwards but going forwards, it’s a hopscotch, waltz, and twerk.


All you can do is continue to refine your vision, show up for yourself everyday, and make the best choices you can in the moment (you know the ones – they feel like: Hell YES moments and if this really works it will be an amazing miracle, moments!).


Trust your intuition, shut down the fear (it is NOT supporting you, by being in charge) and follow your ‘feel good’. Get the biggest thing done you need to do first thing in the morning; just like all those productivity gods told you to do.


Examine your life for the lessons that you’ve been learning on the highest levels, incorporate THAT into your work, and iterate like a champ. Clarity comes from aligned action. Which means you have to trust your gut, get out there, and put the highest of faith and deepest of stock in yourself. Care for yourself and your morale like it is sacred. Because it is. Link up with like minded bosses and reach for as juicy a vision as your heart will allow.


Don’t let setbacks draw on your precious confidence. It’s all feedback, not failure. If you approach the things that show up like losses with curiosity and faith in your own ability the Universe will deliver it as it should be: a grand adventure with you as the star of the tale.

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Steph Profile Pic for Letters to GilrBossHi bright beauty. I’m Steph Lagana, a former civil servant turned spiritual teacher and I spend my time blending woo-woo tools with lighthearted, practical wisdom for navigating the world. Join me over on social for all the latest on leveraging your intuition to cultivate a life you love, and connecting with Divine intelligence for simple, super powered joy.

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