Letter To a Girl Boss No.5 by Laura Weldy

Letters To a Girl Boss

Welcome to our series “Letters To A Girl Boss”. This series is all about bringing a little bit of inspiration and happiness to the every day boss. Sometimes we just need a friend to give us a little pep talk, to boost our confidence and let us tackle the day.

If you’d like to join in and submit a letter of your own in order to inspire a fellow girl boss, you can find more about it here and you can submit your letter to: sarahs@creativeandcoffee.com

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Dear Girl Boss,


You amaze me. You really do. You’ve grown so much since you started on this crazy rollercoaster known as entrepreneurship. Your beautiful brain has been working overtime learning, absorbing and shifting from the old you into the new you gracing the planet today.


In the past year, you’ve learned how to be more productive in work and in relaxation. You’ve learned how to resize images in Photoshop, confidently close a sale, and have tough conversations. You’ve read dozens of books, hundreds of articles & thousands of Instagram captions on building your business, optimizing your systems and improving yourself. You’ve surrounded yourself with mentors that inspire you and offer you guidance from their own experiences.


You are living, building and thriving in a world where more information is always available. The internet wants us to believe that with just a click, every answer we desire is found. It’s tempting (especially when you’re scared, and being scared happens a lot when you’re a girl boss) to drown yourself in all this information and become overwhelmed. My message for you today is simple:


You are already brilliant and capable of magnificent creation, just as you are today.


Don’t get so caught up in learning that you stop doing. If the books and articles and captions make you feel incapable, throw them out the window. Digest the feedback of those individuals you respect, but make your own decisions. Give up the desire to know it all, and you’ll get something even better in return – the chance to live it all (every messy, scary, beautiful, exhausting, dance-party-worthy moment) with fresh eyes and heart.







Laura Weldy is a life and clarity coach for the creative millennial woman who is ready to ditch her analysis paralysis and start making her most badass life happen now.

She believes that every woman has something unique and powerful to offer the world, and empowers them to do just that.

Laura offers radical honesty, a love of all things organization and productivity, and a commitment to embracing the unexpected.

Learn more about her work at www.lauraweldy.com.

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