Letter No.7 from Hannele Hyyppä of the Poetry of Dazzling Life

Letter No.7 Hannele Hyyppä

Welcome to our series “Letters To A Girl Boss”. This series is all about bringing a little bit of inspiration and happiness to the every day boss. Sometimes we just need a friend to give us a little pep talk, to boost our confidence and let us tackle the day.

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Dear girl boss,


I would like to start by saying that you are amazing and capable of creating a fabulous life – beyond ordinary. Even if you don`t have that right now – please know that you have everything that it takes to create it, within you.


I’m not just saying that – I real mean it.


Remember that everything in life starts from within you. How you feel and what kind of relationship you have with yourself, is the rock from which you build your life and work. That`s the most important work you need to do – take care of yourself and make your mindset strong. It will support you 100% on your journey to an amazing lifestyle.


I`ve learned great things in my 10 years of entrepreneurial journeying. It has helped me through hard times as a woman entrepreneur and I would like to share three of them with you today in the hope you will enjoy them and find them helpful.



Shall we start right away?





Everything we do matters – the good and bad. That`s something we all should think about so much more. Think about it, how your parents were raised by your grandparents affects how they treat you today and that can even affect your own children. It`s not indifferent what we do and how we treat other people.


So, if you are in a lifestyle business – think about it – you truly have a story to share and help other people with it. You have the power to affect people, your audience. Go do that thing that you LOVE and put your spoon in that soup also – change this world a little bit for the better. You are a unique human being and there`s no one else who can do things exactly the way YOU do. You really can effect to this world and how it shapes.





Life is meant to be fun – full of experiences. Don`t waste your time by thinking too much about the details or making it perfect. After all, there`s many ways that life and business can be fulfilling to you. We simply have no time to do it all, have it all or experience it all. The best way is to enjoy something – anything right now and stay in movement – instead of worrying about the million other things that we could have had.





I was born to a poor family, generation and culture. No one in my nearest family around me was rich or living in a fancy way. But somewhere deep inside of me was a girl who wanted more. Who wanted to enjoy life beyond the ordinary.


But for a long time I struggled with the shame of living my truth. I was afraid people wouldn`t understand me and that they would find me superficial – it took me a long time to unlearn what I had learned wrongly as a child about abundant life.


You see, the minute you are born into this planet you get the right to show your personality here as everyone else, you get a right to create your kind of life. You have a right to enjoy an abundant life and your success.  When we give our self what we need and when we are who we truly desire to be – that is when we are giving our best for other people also.


Sending you lots of greetings,



Hannele Letter to a Girl Boss

Hi gorgeous! I’m Hannele Hyyppä


A photographer, soulful creative and blogger behind the Poetry of Dazzling Life – blog. I help soulful yet ambitious women entrepreneurs to discover your dazzling self and create a beautiful life – beyond ordinary.

I believe that life can be like a poetry but first, you need to create a solid foundation with yourself to really rock your life and that`s what I’m passionate to do.  


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