Letter To a Girl Boss No.2 From Rachel Wortmann

Letter to a girl boss no2

Dear Past Self,


So it’s been a stressful day. You have three papers due next week, exams in two weeks, you can feel a cold coming on, let alone your branding work for Reina + Co. It seems overwhelming. It seems like no matter what you accomplish the metaphorical pile on your desk grows bigger and bigger. And if you don’t continue to power through this pile it’s going to grow until it overflows, causing chaos all over your desk, floor, and frankly, life.


Want to know the truth?


The pile of work keeps growing because you allow it to grow. You take on everything that comes your way (and then some), and expect it all to balance out. Sure, you can work full-time towards your marketing degree, work a part-time online creative job, stay healthy, maintain your personal relationships, pursue your hobbies, and stay sane right? Wrong.


Letter to a past self


It’s about saying no and saying yes to the right things. Map out all the responsibilities you have taken on in your life. Now, write out the most important priorities you have. Is it to just graduate? To launch your online creative business? To write a book? To stay healthy? To gain financial security? Remember, not everything can be your top priority. Whatever it is, look back at the responsibilities you have taken on, and now compare them with what’s most important to you. Do they match? If not, it’s time to edit.


Once you start saying yes to happy and healthy tasks, and no to stress and chaos, you actively remove folders of work from that pile. The pile seems shorter and more manageable, allowing you to breath and focus on what’s important. For past me? Girl get your health in order. I see you chugging along working late hours, starving your body of nutritional foods, leading to tons of colds and viruses, and not taking the time to get active. As great as it would be to think that our mental health, career, physical health, education, and relationships are all independent of each other, they in fact make up you. With poor health, how can you expect a thriving business? With no sleep, how do you expect to focus? Without socializing, how do you expect to stay happy?

Letters to a Girl Boss

These are the questions I encourage you to reflect on regularly, making sure you’re taking on responsibilities that match up with your priorities. Note, these may change each day, month, or year, but keeping tabs on yourself will allow you to make those changes intentionally to your routine and tasks.


Much Love,


Your Future Self


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Rachel is the brand strategist with a passion for helping creatives catch every detail and put forward consistent branding across all their channels.

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