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A Tech Support Desk Membership keeps your website secure, up to date and helps you plan for the future.



It’s finally time to get your website working for you

Do you feel like your website is working against you?

Websites need to be kept updated. They need to be updated to run properly, to ensure your website’s security is tight and, from the aesthetic point of view, its good to make sure your website doesn’t start to look dated.

We know it needs to be done but, wouldn’t it be nice to just hand all that tech stuff off to someone else to just get it done?

Does more time and less stress sound good? Read on . . .


What’s Keeping You from Building a Stylish Online Brand Your Audience Adores?

+ You don’t have the time to keep your site up to date
+ You don’t have the tech background to fix your site OR the time to hunt for a freelancer to fix it for you
+ You have an amazing product or service but visitors aren’t turning into buyers and you need to fix that
+ You have an amazing vision for your website but don’t have the technical skills to bring it to life
+ You want to really use data to create a clear marketing plan but aren’t sure where to start . . .
+ You are worried about keeping clients’ sensitive data safe

I’ve been there and I have seen so many business owners in the same position.

That’s why I created the Tech Support Desk for you!




Someone To Keep You Up To Date

Ever logged into your website to see dozens of update notifications?
Not only is this overwhelming, but letting plugin updates build up could effect the security of your website. Plugins are updated to be more effective and also to plug any security holes (pun intended). It’s one of those important but annoying little tasks you could do without!

No More Tech Panics

So when you finally update all those plugins, sometimes, inexplicably, it breaks your entire site. Panic ensues and suddenly you’ve lost an entire morning trying to figure out what went wrong. You don’t need that stress in your life.

To Stop Guessing

Have you got your Google Analytics set up? I mean really set up, with goals, conversion rates being monitored and campaigns to show you which pages are generating the most revenue?
Let’s get that set up and ensure we sit down each month and use that data to actually improve your business. Not more guessing, no more wondering how to best improve your business – let’s take the mystery out!





The Tech Desk is Designed to

+ Save you time

+ Stop the tech stress

+ Help you properly monitor your audiences

+ Create tailored, strategic plans based on
your data to improve your business

+ Help you create a website that truly reflects
your business and performs for you


Here’s What You Get


Monthly Plugin and Theme Updates

Never be overwhelmed by the mounting update notifications again. Plugins and themes will be updated each month and any conflicts will be dealt with.

Daily Website Backups

Your website will backed up and secured ‘off-site’ daily. So if anything happens, you can restore your website quickly and easily.

Security Report

A powerful, web based security scan will monitor the integrity of your website and scan for malware. It finds infected files by scanning pages on your website and comparing the code against a library of known malware. We’re hoping for a clean report – but if there is a problem, we will let you know what’s going and and provide a list of infected files.
It should be noted that the report is just that, a report, it doesn’t clean the site for you. However, you can opt to use your monthly task time to get it fixed.

Uptime Monitoring

Never be caught off guard. Get an alert 24 hours a day letting you know if your site has gone down.

Task Time

Our Boutique and Flagship memberships offer an hour of task time each month. That’s a free hour to help you out with those little extras your website needs. For example, an hour working on SEO, putting in a sign up form, uploading a blog post. It’s up to you.

Discounts on Projects

Need more than an hour? No problem. If you’ve got a bigger project in mind, members get mates rates. That’s 10% off. Need a new sales page? Need helping getting a sales funnel set? No problem.

Google Analytics Report

No time to go in and check what your Google Analytics is doing? No worries. Let us send you a report with the highlights each month.

Monthly Strategy Session

The great thing about having your own Tech Desk? I am part of your business team and I will get to know your business from the inside. So when I take your analytics data each month, I can look at it and help you come up with a tailored plan for your business. No more ‘one-fits-all’ business advice.

We look at the cold, hard facts and create a measurable plan for going forward.


how does this sound?




Gain back time in your day


Keep your website up-to-date and secure


Confidently make changes to your website that your audience loves


Collect data specific to your audience


Use your data to make informed decisions to increase your revenue


No more Googling – get easy access to expert tech and design advice




In order to improve my image online, I greatly needed a rebrand and a new website. I turned to Sarah to create me a website, provide maintenance and to give me advice on how to best utilise the platform. The process was easy and low friction, she was a great help in explaining the process, timescales and answering any questions I had.

As a software engineer myself, it was great to talk with her to understand her work, and I was very happy leaving everything to her. Furthermore, the maintenance service she provides gives me peace of mind, as I can add content to my website, knowing there will be no surprises.

She took the time to understand my needs, within the creative industry of games and technology, to produce a website that reflected me as a person and showcased my work concisely and attractively.

Robert Wells


From Solo to CEO. Let’s team up.


Choose Your Package

Choose which package would help you best – someone working in the background or a partner to work on your business with.


Fill In The Application Form

Tell me a bit about yourself and your business – let’s see if we’re a good fit!


Let’s Start Work

Once you are accepted I will need a few details from you so I can access the backend of your site and then I can get started on making sure your site is tip top!

Which Works Best For You?



Never worry about having to update plugins, themes or WordPress core updates again. We’ll take care of keeping your website up to date and provide you with 27/7 uptime monitoring, which will instantly alert you if your site should go down.

Join now for more time and less stress.

per month



In addition to updates, we will also monitor your website’s security and alert you to any malware. Plus, you will get a handy Performance Report to tell you how well your website is performing. If there are issues? No problem, you have an hour of ‘Task Time’ each month to help you with any fixes needed.

per month



Sit down once a month and let us walk you through your website’s analytics and performance. This works perfectly because we have an in depth idea of exactly how well your site is performing and can give our expert advice on how to improve your brand.

Join now and meet your new Tech Department

per month


Take your business to the next level

We all start out as the wearers of many hats.

I remember my first WordPress site. Suddenly, I was having to learn to code to make my MailChimp forms fit my branding. At the time I was a graphic designer, but suddenly I was having to Google how to make changes in CSS.

Plus, of course, I was running all my social media channels, creating content – oh and doing actual client work, because sadly Instagram likes don’t pay the bills

But there comes a point, maybe you are there yourself, when you just don’t have time to be learning all this *stuff*. You’re not a WordPress developer. You don’t have time to spend updating plugins or figuring out how to move that sign up form button 20px to the right.

I’ve been there. It just so happened that tech is my calling. You know what my calling isn’t? Book keeping. I passed that off to my accountant the first chance I got.

If you’ve got to that plateau stage, where you want to do more client work or focus on more on creating products, bringing in more money and having a more balanced life – that’s amazing. That’s a big step and a real achievement

Let me join your team and take over the monthly tech tasks and let you get back to being the boss. It’s time. Let’s do this.

you’re in the right place

Let’s Get Started
Which Do You Prefer?






Daily Website Backups


Monthly Plugin & Theme Updates


Uptime Monitoring


Monthly Security Report


Performance Report


Discount on Projects


Google Analytics Reporting


Hour of Monthly Task Time


Monthly Strategy Meeting


per month

per month

per month


Just for you

The Tech Desk is a one of kind mix of monthly maintence, coaching and data analysis

This is important because . . .

It’s more personalized

✓Most maintenance plans just tune up your plugins

I genuinely want to support every member of the Tech Support Desk grow their business. That’s why I offer discounts and monthly strategy sessions, so I can be a valued member of your team, that is helping your business evolve.

I think many course creators bring so much value, but there comes a point when you start needing to get tailored advice that is specific to your business. Working together each month, allows me to really get to know you, your business and audience so we can interpret the data in a way that is really helpful to you and your business.

Plus, you gotta a promotion going? A course? A new product launch? A new office dog joining the team? Let me help you get the word out. I am a firm believer in rising together. This is why this is not just a ‘monthly maintenance plan’. I wanted this to be a ‘membership’, for you to be part of the club.

Your Cheerleader


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with WordPress sites?

The Tech Support Desk is designed especially for WordPress sites. WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms. If you can think it, you can code it. The tradeoff for complete freedom is that WordPress does require some upkeep. Which is where I come in! If you are looking for design services however, I do work with all kinds of platforms and businesses. Check out my portfolio for more information.

What are your cancellation policies?

You can cancel at anytime and your subscription will finish at the end of that month.

Do you offer Tech Support?

Both Boutique and Flagship plans offer one hour of Task Time. If you need help fixing an issue you can use your Task Time to get it fixed

What hours are you available?

I am based in the UK and I am available during business hours, Monday – Friday. You can schedule your monthly reviews with me through my online calendar. Just pick a free slot – simple!

What type of business is this suitable for?

I work with all sorts of businesses, service based businesses and e-commerce are both welcome.
If you are wondering if we are a good fit, or have more specific questions – just drop me a email or schedule a call, I’d love to get to know you better – it’s always nice to make new business friends!.


Your Very Own Tech Desk

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