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Creative and Coffee is for creators who feel constrained, disconnected from their souls and are looking to create something that is genuinely their own.

A life they are proud of.

Creative and Coffee is here to help provide direction. To help you pick a single idea from the maelstrom of possibilities creators are trying to pursue.

To help you find ‘the one’ business idea for you, to develop it, nurture it and find a loving home for it in the online space.

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  • Mailchimp: A Beginner’s Guide for Bloggers Pt1

    Email marketing is daunting for several reasons; you are putting yourself out there, direct to your followers and into their sacred email boxes. However, the other reason, which I want to talk about today, is…. how to send out your marketing campaigns. The back end; the technical bit that many of us slightly dread. I…
  • How To Overcome Fear and Start Your Business

    Starting a business will completely change your life. That sounds scary right? Does it not also sound amazing? For many of us, when we hear the word change, we automatically associate it with negativity and maybe even fear. Change is bad, it is out of our comfort zone. But just think of all the amazing…
  • Find Your Business and Blogging Niche

    It might surprise you to know, that of all the business advice I give, ‘finding your niche’ is the most ignored. Sometimes it is ignored in a guilty, semi-on-purpose way, usually accompanied by ‘I know I should niche down, but….’  Sometimes it’s not ignored at all, but simply implemented too widely. For example, female entrepreneurs…