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Honor and Me

eCommerce Implementation, email marketing integration & redesign

A Wix website redesign and implementation of eCommerce shop and email marketing capability.

Honor and Me is an oasis for those looking for simple solutions to wellness and living a full life. The website aims to provide people with simple, easy, and effective methods to achieve a healthy life, whilst providing reassurance and guidance to those on their transformational journey.

Honor & Me Redesign

Anna Barry, the owner of Honor & Me, is a holistic nutritional coach and DoTERRA global leader. Anna helps women with their health, happiness and income!

I personally have to recommend her 14 Day Clean Eating plan - if for no other reason than the recipes are just totally scrumptious!

When Anna came to me, she knew her website needed a tidy up design-wise and Anna also wanted an eCommerce aspect added to her site to enable people to purchase her clean eating courses. After a discussion around customer journeys, we also decided that it was important to properly integrate Anna's email marketing, in order to better promote her valuable free eBooks.

The website design goals were to create a simple, clean, and effective design that better resonated with Anna's target audience. We also wanted to create a customer journey through the site in order to better convert website visitors into email subscribers and clients and create a Wix shop to enable visitors to easily purchase Honor and Me digital products.

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Honor & Me Website Design Coaching Page
Honor & Me Website Design Coaching Page 2

“I was fortunate enough to work with Sarah recently and what a delight it was! She completely understood what I wanted, identifying my vision, my niche and the layout I was hoping to achieve. She created a visually working website that I just adore. I think what I loved the most was she took the time to understand me, my work and how I want my online look to feel. I’m delighted with the end result and could not recommend her services enough.
As a small business owner and as my business expands so was the need for my website to have a new look – she understood this completely and I am delighted to have a visually appealing new look!
Thank you Sarah!”
– Anna

My favourite piece of work on this project was transforming Anna's sales page for her coaching services. Whilst the information about the services was really important, originally the text just read as one long block. I enjoyed dividing the sales page up into more compelling sections. In particular, the icons that I added in order to better convey all the many areas that Anna can help you with.

I also love the colour palette that really transformed the website and much better help conveys that sense of calm and wellness that Anna wanted to project.

Anna was tremendously fun to work with and seriously knows her stuff - did you know she used to be a chef on a superyacht? One of the many reasons you should definitely check out her meal plans, they are so good! Yum!

Honor & Me Website Design About Page 2
Honor & Me Website Design About Page




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