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Robert Wells is a programmer and software engineer looking to progress his career by moving into more management positions. After recently becoming a Scrum Master, Robert decided his portfolio should reflect his current employment and move away from the games industry.

WordPress Development

Robert wanted a simple portfolio website where he could display his past work and a blog where he could discuss topics around philosophy, management and production.

As Robert moves from programmer to producer, the brief was to produce a website that was focused more on the management side of his career. Robert’s personal style and philosophy are more concerned with minimalism and stoicism and we wanted the website branding to reflect that.

However, we still wanted to honour the playfulness of the games industry. I did this by highlighting a favourite quote of Robert’s in the header, which sets the tone for the website. Also, you might have noticed that an amusing photo of Robert pops up when hovering over the ‘About’ section of the homepage.

The main aim of the site is to introduce Robert and his portfolio to potential employers and collaborators. I was therefore keen to show Robert’s personality and talk more ‘about’ him before introducing his impressive portfolio of work.

As for the branding, we wanted to move away from ‘cold tech’ colours or very bold 'game' colours and keep the branding professional. The use of geometric circles and triangles keep the branding design technically focused, but using warmer browns and matte black keeps the feeling of warmth.

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Robert Wells Home Page
Robert Wells Footer

"In order to improve my image online, I greatly needed a rebrand and a new website. I turned to Sarah to create me a website, provide maintenance and to give me advice on how to best utilise the platform. The process was easy and low friction, she was a great help in explaining the process, timescales and answering any questions I had.

As a software engineer myself, it was great to talk with her to understand her work, and I was very happy leaving everything to her. Furthermore, the maintenance service she provides gives me peace of mind, as I can add content to my website, knowing there will be no surprises.

She took time to understand my needs, within the creative industry of games and technology, to produce a website that reflected me as a person and showcased my work concisely and attractively."

– Robert Wells

The challenge with this portfolio was that Robert really wanted to move away from 'traditional' design associated with games, as this tended to be not so mature or very bold (thing lots of neon, large text fonts and loud images).

Instead, we wanted to focus on showcasing Robert's management philosophy, based on stoicism, and his own personal preference for minimalism. Whilst you might usually advise against a move away from industry standards, this website was intended to be used as an online resume, and therefore displaying Robert's own personality - as a way of both representing him and differentiating him - seemed appropriate.

Robert Wells Branding Colour Palette
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