BOA Podcast

The Business of Aesthetics

Services Provided: Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design

A personal project dedicated to my love of design and buyer psychology.  
The Business of Asethetics Homepage

Audience: Business owners with an interest in luxury branding.


The Business of Aesthetics is a podcast dedicated to exploring the aesthetics that can elevate the brand experience of a customer from average to extraordinary. 


As a personal project, I created all aspects of the branding, marketing and development. 


The main aim of the website is to introduce visitors to the podcast. As you can see, immediately at the top, the first thing users are encouraged to do it click to play. This sticks to the top of the page and is a constant reminder as they scroll through the site. 


The header of the home page is similarly dedicated to introducing visitors to the first three episodes of the podcast, and with a brief intro of what the podcast is all about. 


If visitors do not subscribe to the podcast straight away, a second call to action is then included in the form a newsletter subscription, which encourages users to become subscribers to the newsletter. 


The branding is a mix of art deco style lettering and modern sans-serif fonts. The curving and curling tails of the letters add an air of sophistication and luxury. However, it is paired with a clean and bold sans-serif font in order to keep it modern and current. 



The Business of Asethetics Podcast Cover Light

The Business of Asethetics Podcast Cover Light

The Business of Asethetics Podcast Cover Light