Pro Website Design Tips From Kathie Founder Of Bluchic

Pro Website Design Tips From Kathie Founder Of Bluchic

I’m excited today to welcome to the blog Kathie, founder of Bluchic.

If you’ve been over  to Bluchic’s website you know they they design beautiful, feminine WordPress themes designed for business. So, if you are looking for someone to learn from in terms of design, I can think of few better people that Kathie.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Kathie of Bluchic:

PS: I’m such a fan of Kathie’s WordPress Themes that after reading her super tips I asked to become an affiliate for Kathie. So, please note that this post contains some affiliate links*- so if you would like to support small business in this big old WordPress theme world, feel free to click through!


Website Design Tips for Entrepreneurs

Why Did You Start Bluchic?

The reason I founded Bluchic was to help female entrepreneurs with a growing competitive market and skyrocketing website design costs.  I wanted to make sure smart, savvy  and creative entrepreneurs could express themselves and launch a website which they are proud of.

First impressions count

Creative and Coffee Coaching

It’s a scientific fact that our attention spans are dropping.  In fact, humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish – this makes it a whole lot harder.

Visually, your website can make or break how your customer views your brand online. Here, there are no second chances – if a customer doesn’t like what they see, you’ve lost them.  It’s no longer good enough for your website to serve a purpose, it also has to look good and capture attention.

Capturing attention

Creative and Coffee Coaching

Your website visitors have come for a specific reason.  Either they are researching about your product or service or they want to buy your product or service.   If you are a blogger you might think – but I just blog about fashion or cooking or myself.

Your visitors are coming because they are researching or wanting to buy things you write about.

The best way to capture their attention is not what you might think. It’s not about sticking a big neon sign on your homepage with an offensive word on it.  It’s actually about giving them a website they resonate with and that they enjoy spending time on.

How To Create A Design Which Resonates


Is it obvious within a few seconds of clicking on your website, what you are about? Does the design instantly capture YOUR attention, hold YOUR interest and encourage YOU to find out more?

Notice how you are the one we are trying to please right now.  This is because it is very likely you want to attract an audience very similar to you. Most people like to hang out with, interact and work with people similar to them.  So, that means all you need to do is make sure you are IN LOVE with your website. Great right!

Does your imagery clearly relate to the product or service that you are offering? For example, whilst pictures of kittens may be pleasant to look at, they might not be the right fit for your fashion blog.

What are the colours you are using and what emotion do they create? The use of colour is one of the easiest ways to create a certain mood, does the mood you are creating fit your personality?

The Ultimate Test

A good test is to ask yourself.  If my website were an outfit, would I wear it?

This might take some time for you to imagine but give it a go.   Imagine the colours, imagery, mood you have created on your website as an outfit.  Is this an outfit you would usually wear or something you wouldn’t look twice at?

Above all fall in love with your website and make sure you are proud to send your audience there.  

BluChic InterviewKathie is the founder of Bluchic and designs beautifully crafted feminine wordpress templates for creative entrepreneurs and business women.  For more information about branding and how to launch a website see Bluchic’s in depth guide. Follow on Twitter l Instagram l Facebook l Pinterest

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