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I expect many of us personally connected with this archetype strongly, even if our audiences embody another.

The Creator is one who is an artist. A Creator might be a creative, producing literature, art or music. However, Creators can also be entrepreneurs, innovators, or anyone who uses their imagination to create and bring new ideas and concepts into the world. 


Creators are highly skilled, inspired and capable of imagining the most wonderful things into being. Creativity (at least some of the time) is effortless and ideas just flow out of them. Creators do not just create art, but they are poised to create the lives that they want and love to avoid the ordinary or mundane.


Others may envy imagination and taste, however, whilst to the outside the creativity may seem effortless, Creators are extremely dedicated and pour a lot of time and energy into  their creations.

"If it can be imagined, it can be created"



Creators are responsible for bringing new things into the word. They are, of course, creative and full of imagination.


Creators see potential in everything. The world is inspiration to them. However, it makes it extremely hard for them to turn off, as they see opportunities and inspiration for work everywhere. This often leads to complete overwhelm and causes them to  burnout.


Creators also have a tendency to let their inner critic dictate their actions, which severely undermines their confidence.

Creators As Customers

Creators are moved to create and without it they feel unfilled, trapped and stifled. They have the power of imagination and often want to imagine a better world. Authenticity is therefore crucial to the Creator customer.


Creators need help overcoming that inner critic so they can fulfil their aim of creating something completely unique and enduring.


Creators love creating new structures and innovating. Creators are skeptical of mass produced products or imagaintive services.


Don’t just think of creating art and sculptures. Creators might want to recreate themselves too. MAC’s aesthetic is extremely artistic and encourages you to think of makeup as tools to create  works of art.


Creators also want to beautify  their lives. Home decor, upcycling furniture, creating their own homes.




The Creator Profile

  • Core Desire: To create something valuable and enduring 
  • Goal: To give physical form to their visions
  • Fears: That their ideas won’t translate properly to reality 
  • Strategy: To work on honing their artist skill and control
  • Challenges: To move beyond their issues of perfectionism and fears of miscreation
  • Gifts: Creativity and imagination

The Journey

Motivation: Inspiration and daydreams

Stage One: Showing creativity in interesting, imaginative and innovative ways

Stage Two: Taking their ideas and turning them into reality

Stage Three: Their creativity and creations influence the world and society

Shadow: Over dramatizing life, burnout and a loud inner critic