When we think of the Jester, naturally our minds flick to the Harlequin court jester. However Jester archetypes also include humorists, satirists and anyone else who loves to bring joy and laughter to those around them.

The Jester’s purpose is to fully experience life. They try to make even the most dull of tasks into an adventure ( or they trick others into doing it for them!

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution"


The Jester knows how to experience life and joy in the present. They savor the moment and use their humor to defuse tense situations or avoid conflict.


Jesters are fun to be around. Playful and inventive, Jesters bring happiness even in difficult times. Jesters are not prone to anxiety but view changing times as a time of adventure and excitement.


Like court Jesters of old, this archetype can be wise and can use humor to broach difficult subjects.


There is a tendency for Jesters to be irresponsible, to be overtaken by seeking pleasure and accidentally hurting other people’s feelings in the process. Jesters  may have trouble fulfilling their own dreams as they can not take anything seriously for long enough to make real progress.


Jesters As Customers

Jesters want fun and they want it in the here and now. Bright colours, quick wit, cleverness and entertainment draw in the Jesters. You might think of fun, more light hearted brands, however the Jester also works with serous institutions taking a lighthearted look at their typical stoic industries, such as Geico.

Over the top, colorful and silly – the amusing little M&M adverts, for example, would definitely appeal to the Jester.


Jesters are not very proprietary in terms of branding. As Pearson and Mark note, you rarely hear who invented a joke.


A good example of  Jester brand, however, is Club Med – bright, colorful and uses the virtual experience on its website to market the fun activities you can do everyday – so you can start planning your vacation.

The Jester Profile

  • Core Desire: To live in the moment and with full enjoyment
  • Goal: To have a great time and light up the world
  • Fears: Boredom or being boring
  • Strategy: To play, make jokes and be funny
  • Problems: The Jester’s biggest challenge is the potential for frittering away one’s life


The Journey

Motivation:  Ennui and boredom

Stage One: Life as a game, fun

Stage Two: Cleverness used to trick others, get out of trouble and find a way around obstacles

Stage Three:  To live life and to experience each moment, living one day at a time

Shadow:  Self-indulgence, irresponsibility, mean-spirited pranks