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Of course, when we think of Magicians in literature and myth we might immediately think of Merlin or Dumbledore.

Magician archetypes are usually not at the center of power, but rather take on a mentor role and help to bring out the potential in others. Their power is in bringing out the secrets of the world.


When the Magician activates within individuals, they become catalysts for change. They believe that once they play their part, the universe will reward them and will align.


If you want to change your world, you must first begin the process internally. The Magicians believe the world’s changing process starts from within, by changing attitudes and behavior.


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The Magician serves as a catalyst for real power and influence. Magicians are often charismatic, influential and exemplary of how character can triumph over circumstances.


At their best Magicians can invoke great transformations and be a healing presence to unite people behind a common cause. Magicians believe that humans are capable of achieving amazing things, if they can learn more about science, nature, and the spirit.

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Despite their apparent sageness, Magicians are prone to being tricked into believing in easy solutions. At the other end of the scale, Magicians might be tempted to set themselves up as the guru.


That can lead to Magicians using their charisma to inspire but also use to manipulate or dazzle others.

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Magicians, more so than any other archetype, believe that the person behind the product is just as important as the quality or service they receive. They are quick, therefore, to pick up on any misalignment between who you are, what you say you do and what you actually produce.


Magicians are motivated by the desire to transform themselves and the world around them. Transformation experiences are a staple for the Magician brand. This is especially true if you can help effect a personal transformation for your customer.


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  • Core Desire: The knowledge of the fundamental laws of how the law or universe works
  • Goal: To make dreams come true
  • Fears: Magicians fear the unanticipated, negative consequences of their actions
  • Strategy: To combat that this, they develop vision and live it
  • Problems: Magicians can struggle, however, with becoming overly manipulative


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Motivation:  To pursue experiences, hunches and extrasensory information

Stage One: Creating magical moments and experiences of transformation

Stage Two: The experience of flow

Stage Three:  Creating miracles by moving from vision to manifestation

Shadow:  Manipulation, sorcery  

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