The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is the best example for a Seeker story as it helps highlight the tension between self discovery and looking towards external factors for fulfillment.


Seeker archetypes are on a quest. It might be internal, external, physical, spiritual or existential. Whatever it is, they are hunting for something to satisfy a hunger for what they perceive as missing.


This archetype is a great example of the motivational tension between wanting to be an individual vs the fear of loneliness.

"Don't Fence Me In"


Seekers have a wonderful, independent identity that comes from living an adventurous life. They are filled with the explorer’s spirit and love a sense of adventure.


Seekers tend to suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. They fear growing up and accepting responsibilities and commitments. Due to their need to be free and independent, they may also find it hard to maintain relationships as their loved ones often feel abandoned by them.


Should a Seeker wonder too far they may even stray from being considered eccentric to truly being unable to connect with those around them, becoming alienated, lonely and ultimately alone.

Explorers As Customers

Whilst Innocent archetypes may seek out Eden through virtue or mindset, Explorers set out to find themselves a better world. The Explorer refers to both inner and outer journeys, as quite often Explorers look to the outside world to fulfill the inner desires and hopes.


I love this old cowboy anthem, probably because it reminds me of the Firefly theme song: “Give me land, lots of land, ‘neath the starry skies above. Don’t fence me in”.


Services and products aimed at Explorers should in someway enable the Explorer to undertake their journey, whether it be a figurative or literal one.

Explorer Profile

  • Core Desire: The freedom to find out who they are through exploring the world
  • Goal: To experience a better, more authentic and more fulfilling life
  • Greatest Fear: Getting trapped, conforming, whilst balancing the threat of inner emptiness and non-being
  • Strategy: To journey, to seek out and experience new things and escape from entrapment and boredom
  • Challenge: Aimless wandering and alienation

The Journey

Motivation: Restlessness, yearning and dissatisfaction


Stage One: Literally beginning the journey, beginning to explore the world


Stage Two: Looking internally to their own individuality and becoming fulfilled


Stage Three: Having discovered themselves, they begin to express individuality and uniqueness